Gigmatch was formed in a town outside of Glasgow called North Ayrshire. However we started parts of Gigmatch in Glasgow so its only natural we dedicate an entire page to it!

When we first had the idea of Gigmatch it was simply to provide things like, disco hire in Glasgow & wedding bands in Scotland hire. We’re now a growing directory of musicians, DJs, Event companies, PR, Caterers and much more. We even let Fire breathers, magicians, graphic designers and record labels join! 

Whats our goal? we want to provide a community for the events industry, and this means EVERYONE in the events industry and it all goes back to Glasgow. We want to get to know this industry much better and work with you.

Are you a DJ from Glasgow? perhaps you fancy DJing in Ibiza in 2018 or 2019 but have no idea on how to go about it. Are you an amazing producer but aren’t getting noticed? we’ve heard quite a few of the bands/producers come out of Glasgow and theres plenty of talent. Look.. what we’re trying to say is chat with us, we’re just as passionate about this industry as you and what makes it even better is we’re local.

Things we provide/can help with

  • Web development
  • Promotion
  • Contacts (theres loads on this site for free already)
  • Access to industry experts
  • A community
  • Another way to market yourself

We’re constantly putting the work in and making sure we appear everywhere. This means wedding fairs – we’ll be there, googling dj for hire & we’ll be number one. 

Did you know, we also have a PR team in Glasgow? Flyer distribution or club PR? check us out!